Welcome to the Vancouver Counselling Clinic

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are dedicated to providing quality mental healthcare to all of our clients and patients. We honour the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, where we serve our clients by being present, proactive, persistent, and passionate. We are committed to the ethical principles as provided by the BC College of Social Workers, BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, which include the following fundamentals in practice at our clinic for respective professionals.


Jocelyn Chang

Clinical Director

Becky Leung

Clinical Counsellor

Isaac Mo

Clinical Therapist


Clinical proactiveness in promoting the best interests of clients.


Honour commitments to maintain integrity in counselling relationships.


Respect the rights of clients to agency and self-determination.


Refrain from actions that risk harming clients.


Respect the dignity of all persons and honouring their right to just treatment.

Societal Interest

Uphold responsibility to act in the best interests of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver compassionate, humanistic, and patient-centered care that meets the unique needs of each person. We are committed to fostering collaborative relationships with those we serve to promote their mental health and well-being. We leverage our community and network of experienced and skilled medical professionals to provide you with the relevant referrals needed if we cannot meet your needs for care.


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Accepted by Most Insurance Providers

+12 of the best insurance providers in Canada trusts us to provide you with the highest level of care and service.

Our Core Values

There are a few core values that we practice at Vancouver Counselling Clinic. These values are important to the work we do with clients and patients, as well as how we collaborate and work with each other to provide the best care we can. These core values include:


Treat every person with respect, inclusivity, and dignity in our diverse community.


Support our clients and patients with the best care through humility, sensitivity, and empathy.


Nurture and honour the holistic wellbeing of our clients and patients while inspiring hopefulness.


Value and recognize the contributions, changes, and efforts made by each member of our team and community.

At Vancouver Counselling Clinic, we advocate for our clients from a lens of decolonization and non-oppression. We believe that inclusivity means that we honour minority populations of all kinds, including their communities, and identities. We proudly offer a number of different options of counselling and therapy that meet your needs.

Multicultural Therapy

Aims to respectfully take into clinical and treatment consideration the complex nature and influences of culture, including developing a unique understanding of one’s family, values, perceived norms, history, and beliefs (such as faith, religion, spirituality, and rituals). Sense of agency, family systems, and power differentials will be part of the discovery process. Curious about what this could look like for you? Let’s chat online for a 15-minute consultation.

Affirmative Therapy

Aims to validate and advocate for the diverse needs of sexual and gender minority clients in clinical counselling. This includes the clinical and treatment consideration of the impacts of oppression, marginalization, and discrimination experienced in the client’s bioecological system, lived experiences, and intersectional identities. Empowerment, self-esteem, body image, and self-worth will be part of the discovery process. We’re here to support you.

Growth-centric therapy
for everyone