Child Counselling

Empowering Parents to Grow Together

Child Counselling is an integral part of mental health care for families, children, and parents. If you are looking for a counsellor in Vancouver, who is trained and specialised in child counselling, you have come to the right place! We love children and we find it meaningful to help children through building a fun, respectful, and supportive connection with them, even if they start off feeling more reserved, hesitant, or shy.

Join us in learning about child counselling to see how it can be the start of setting your child up for the rest of their lives. Child counselling can also improve your life satisfaction at home as a parent by healing and fostering better relationships at home for your family.

In-Person Session


60 minutes

30 min. with Child + 20 min. with Parent(s) + 10 min. Clinical Notes

In-Person Session


90 minutes

45 min. with Child + 35 min. with Parent(s) + 10 min. Clinical Notes

child counselling

Our therapists can help you and your child through counselling

How does child counselling help parents?

Parenting stress is one of the most common reasons people seek child counselling. We always work with parents in child counselling, where you can expect the therapist will plan for a portion of the counselling time to be with you – working on at-home interventions, practices, and techniques. This is an important part of improving the mental health of your family as your contribution creates a supportive dynamic when you show up for your child through the therapy work.

We provide a wide variety of services within child counselling, where we support these types of important topics that we have had past successes with, which is not limited to these categories.

Family & Life Changes

Moods & Control

School, Friendships & Academic performance

Healthy Habits & Development

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Welcome to the Vancouver Counselling Clinic, located in South Vancouver, British Columbia. We are dedicated to providing quality mental healthcare to all of our clients and patients. We honour the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we serve our clients by being present, proactive, persistent, and passionate. We are committed to the ethical principles as provided by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association & the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, which include the following fundamentals in practice at our clinic.