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Jocelyn Chang

I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor, specialized in working with adults, professionals, and couples counselling. I’m here to help with your emotional health, mental health, career performance, and improve your relationships.

My Story

Growing up in Vancouver and Richmond, I have always been curious about how people are influenced by their culture, philosophy, and psychology. Pursuing this curiosity through my studies and my own healing journey helped me make sense of the world and history around me. It helped me gain insights about myself, my loved ones, my family of origin, my ancestry, and the meaning of my life.

Q & A with Jocelyn Chang

Since making a personal commitment to myself to attend therapy, I have shifted my life by rediscovering my values, learning new skills, and seeking my own path through existentially enlightening ways. After embarking on my own personal journey of healing, I began to feel like myself again in a way that inspired me to make tremendous changes in my life to make it more meaningful and joyful. Therapy has improved my mental health and allowed me to bring my healing home to my loved ones and my family. It has even helped me recover important familial relationships that were once dysfunctional, too demanding, and hurtful.

Since this transformation, I have found true purpose in helping others rediscover themselves, ease their suffering, and to heal from their past. This road of healing eventually led me to advance my education toward a Master’s in Counselling at the City University of Seattle, which launched me into my meaningful work as a Clinical Counsellor today.

Since graduating from the University of British Columbia for Psychology in 2010, I have dedicated my career to management consulting in the corporate world as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, who focuses on coaching leaders and management teams to improve their people strategy, culture, governance policies, and human capital optimization.

In 2017, I founded a holistic business consulting agency, Imagine Better Solutions, that serves as a one-stop shop for business management services and tech solutions. Over the years, I have worked with over 50 businesses and employers across North America, taking on management or consultation roles that helped people navigate their stressors, careers, performance, conflicts, work-life balance, and mental health.

I completed my master of counselling at the City University of Seattle with a concentration in clinical counselling. For my achievements during graduate school, I was presented with the Dean’s List academic award as a distinction for high-level scholarship.

I am an Asian-Canadian and a first-generation immigrant, I straddle the multicultural identity of being Taiwanese, Chinese, and Canadian. I am fluent in both Mandarin-Chinese and English, and offering counselling services in either language. My cultural background has provided me with an understanding of the pressures stemming from filial piety, traditional ideals of marriage and family, patterns of intergenerational conflicts, and challenges in acculturation as a newcomer to Canada. I practice from an anti-oppressive approach for multicultural counselling, where your cultural values will be honoured in a non-judgmental space. This allows us to safely explore identities, patterns, core beliefs, roles, and relationship/family dynamics without prejudice.

I am a passionate advocate for the mental health of Asians through my work on the social media platform of Tiger Cub Therapy.

In our sessions, you can expect a passionate, supportive, and collaborative counsellor. You will be empowered to make choices, create goals, and most importantly, move at a pace that works for you. I’m here to help you understand yourself on a deeper level, so that we can create sustainable change and growth over your life. We will work together to build awareness around your thoughts and emotions, and to explore any tendencies that might be preventing you from becoming the person you want to be.

In addition to my education and training, my personal experiences in dating, relationships, and marriage accumulate to deepen my understanding of love and relationships. My specialization is in couples counselling as I believe that seeing a couples counsellor is an important resource to help people in relationships with their emotions, fears, patterns of conflict, intimacy, and compatibility. My capstone project for my master’s degree was focused on treating infidelity trauma through couples counselling. I am experienced in helping couples resolve repeated conflicts that have caused harm to their love in the past. I am also well experienced in working with anxious and avoidant couples who want to learn healthier ways to communicate with each other and to heal from their past wounds. 

Whether it’s seeking, dating, common law relationships, cohabitation, parenting and co-parenting, and discernment (AKA. figuring out if you want to stay or leave in a relationship), I have supported and guided past clients through different life stages and relationships. I also bring with me the lived experiences of grieving the loss of love, family, friendships, or relationships. I have also worked closely with issues such as infidelity, incompatibilities, hurtful conflict, breakups, separation, or divorce.

My past experiences working in the corporate world of talent management and people strategy included working closely with and navigating issues that include imposter syndrome, burnout, stressful workplace culture, perfectionism, addictions, anxiety, depression, grief, and issues of self-worth and self-esteem. Over the years, I have developed professional strengths that include skills of advanced communication, leadership, crisis management, mediation, and conflict resolution. Some of the most common workplace issues I have worked with include bullying, harassment, overcoming challenges with crucial conversations in the workplace (such as constructive conflicts and confrontations), handling misunderstandings in the workplace, working with a micromanager, working with a workaholic, and working with a supervisor with anger management issues.

When I’m not seeing clients, I’m a fun-loving foodie who enjoys going on adventures, basking in the sun, and playing with my little dog (Dobby). Dobby and I run a popular local Facebook group called Small Dogs of Vancouver, where we meet up monthly with other local dogs for group play and socialization. Another one of my passion projects is the Vancouver Ceramics Studio, where I get my hands a little dirty making new creations on the wheel. I also provide clay art therapy through expressive healing, mindfulness, and self-exploration.

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher, who enjoys doing flow yoga, hot yoga, and meditation in nature, by the beach, or at the studio. When I need to get my heart pumping, I strap on my boxing gloves to blow off some steam. When I’m away from work, I enjoy getting reinvigorated through travel and music festivals as I have experienced the healing connectedness and joy created by the core values of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect in these communities.

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