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What kinds of topics are covered in individual counselling?

Individual counselling can be helpful in many ways depending on the topics and goals identified with you. Some of the most common reasons our clients seek individual counselling in Vancouver are outlined here.

Virtual Session


60 minutes

50 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

Virtual Session


90 minutes

80 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

In-Person Session


60 minutes

50 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

In-Person Session


90 minutes

80 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

What sets us apart from other clinics for individual counselling in Vancouver?

Exploration of Self

We want to encourage you to get curious about who you are and who you want to become. These different states of self can create goals that will help clarify what skills, perspectives, and understandings we need to reach in therapy. We use self-exploration as a way to help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and build resilience. We look back on our past and seek new learnings and insights. We look at our lives today and seek opportunities to grow and heal. Topics for individual counselling can include:

Emotional regulation and emotional coping skills

Most of us did not grow up within families or communities that taught us how to listen to and regulate our emotions, particularly anger, sadness, and fearfulness. It is common for people to compartmentalise these feelings, which can create mental health issues and symptoms. If you have experienced or witnessed trauma in the past, such as sexual trauma, domestic violence, intergenerational trauma, or childhood trauma, it is normal for you to experience difficulties in coping with certain emotions.


When we feel down and hopeless about ourselves, dreading our lives, distancing ourselves from others, cocooning ourselves in isolation for extended periods, or having thoughts about death, we could be experiencing depression. Helpful skills can be fostered to improve feelings of depression. We can learn to become more aware of and shift our thought patterns, which then helps us create opportunities to lift our mood.

Multicultural identities

 We specialize in working with Asian mental health in Vancouver, and welcome all cultural identities and families. Some of the culturally related issues can include filial piety, immigrant parent-child conflicts, multi-generational homes, financial anxiety, long-distance relationships, intergenerational trauma, and childhood trauma from traditional parenting.

Understanding your core values

The family we were raised in and our lived experiences form so much of our core values, which can feel like a mystery. Our values can teach us about our triggers, defensiveness, aggressiveness, and interpersonal conflicts. Sometimes, our values also perpetuate our need for control, constant need for achievement or productivity, perfectionism, and people-pleasing.


Worries and fears can rush through our minds taking up space, using up capacity, and bringing up emotions of anxiousness, uneasiness, insecurity, and discomfort. Learning how to cope with these patterns of thoughts and feelings can help us improve our mental health and our relationships. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of being unlovable, and fear of being unworthy are some of the most common types of anxieties people experience.

Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD encompasses the experiencing of ADHD symptoms in adults, but these symptoms may have began earlier than adulthood. ADHD tends to increase impulsivity, restlessness, reactivity, and inattentiveness. Sometimes, these symptoms create friction in interpersonal relationships as the symptoms may also be seen as inconsideration, nonchalant or indifferent  behaviours, too extroverted, forgetful, and unthoughtful. When we struggle in our interpersonal relationships, it then adds to the emotional stress of worries,  low-self-esteem, social anxiety, and more.

Life Stages & Changes

Teen counselling encompasses a wide range of topics, which can be helpful in guiding them towards healthy development. Teen counselling can be different from school counselling, which is more focused on your teen’s academic and emotional functioning at school. Here are a few important topics that we have had past successes with:

Romantic & Intimate Relationships

Long Term Relationships & Marriage

Unexpected Changes, Grief & Loss

Work Life & Stressors

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Welcome to the Vancouver Counselling Clinic, located in South Vancouver, British Columbia. We are dedicated to providing quality mental healthcare to all of our clients and patients. We honour the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we serve our clients by being present, proactive, persistent, and passionate. We are committed to the ethical principles as provided by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association & the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, which include the following fundamentals in practice at our clinic.