Counselling Modalities & Approaches for Mental Health in Vancouver

Counselling can feel like such a mystery if it is your first time or first few times working with a therapist in Vancouver for your mental health and relationships. When you research online for mental health counsellors or therapists in Vancouver, you will find helpful websites like Psychology Today, which work as a large directory that organises different types and styles of therapy. You might also be using search engines or maps to find nearby clinics that could service your needs. 

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60 minutes

50 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

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90 minutes

80 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

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60 minutes

50 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

In-Person Session


90 minutes

80 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

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As you continue your research online for the right therapist, we want to commend you for your proactiveness in seeking support. Reading about it is the first step for so many of us. At Vancouver Counselling Clinic, we have access to local networks of therapists, who we could refer you to if we are not a good match with your needs. You are welcome to get in touch with us to find out if we could be suitable for each other. Let us make that next step together in finding the right match with a therapist for you.

6 Things to look for when choosing the right therapist

Timing of Sessions

Depending on your schedule of availability, it is important to find a compatible therapist who works a schedule that matches your need, so that you can show up for sessions on a regular basis for therapy to be effective.

Therapist’s Specialisation

Seek a therapist who has knowledge of the topics you want to work on. It can be a helpful question to ask during your initial meeting: “how have you helped someone with my issue in the past?”

Cost of Therapy

Ensuring that you are familiar with the cost of therapy, which will help you select a suitable therapist that lines up with your budget and expectations. Student and intern counsellors are generally more likely to offer low-cost counselling options. Be sure to check your insurance coverage to ensure the cost of therapy could be covered by your policy.

Therapist’s Identity

Look for a therapist with an identity that you are comfortable with sharing details about yourself. Sometimes, similar identities to yourself can make it easier for you to connect on certain topics that are relevant to your sense of self, core values, and lived experiences.

Location of Sessions

Depending on your location, commute, and timing of commute, sometimes it could be easier or more accessible to meet with a therapist online instead of meeting a therapist in Vancouver.

Therapist’s Designation

There are a number of different designations and registrations that allows a licensed therapist to practise counselling. You should only work with therapists that have received professional training and become registered. Therapists working without designation or clinical supervision can cause harm through non-evidence-based approaches and a lack of regulatory and ethical practices.

“The therapeutic relationship is as powerful, if not more powerful, than the particular treatment method a therapist is using.”

- John C. Norcross, PhD

Dr. Norcross is a key figure in the field of counselling. He was the Past President of the American Psychological Association Division of Psychotherapy, the Society of Clinical Psychology, and the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI). He was also the Recipient of Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Education & Training Award from the American Psychological Association, and has authored over 400 publications and 23 books in his career.

Registered professional designation you should look for in a mental health therapist in BC

Doesn't Diagnose

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Registered Social Worker

Diagnoses Disorders

Registered Psychologist
Registered Clinical Social Worker

Counselling Modalities & Approaches for Mental Health in Vancouver

As you research online, you will also begin to notice that there are so many different options for treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), and more. It’s no wonder that many of our clients share that they experienced decision fatigue when they were looking for a counsellor in Vancouver for their mental health.

Decision fatigue happens when there are too many choices and not enough informed clarity or contrast. This can make you feel even more depleted emotionally, making it harder for everyday people to access counselling or make a decision about who they want to see. We understand that it can feel overwhelming at times when you are trying to choose one therapist or clinic over another, so we are here to help!

We want to share one evidence-based fact from decades of replicable research: The most important factor in whether or not therapy works for you is largely based on your therapeutic relationship with your therapist (Norcross and Lambert, 2011, 2018; Lambert, 1992). 

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