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Vancouver Counselling Clinic is here to provide a safe and welcoming space, where your concerns about your teen’s emotions, behaviours, relationships, and mental health can be addressed by working with a trained professional using evidence-based approaches.

Join us in learning about how teen counselling can help set your child up for the rest of their lives. Teen counselling can also improve your relationships at home by healing from hurtful conflicts and fostering better relationships at home for your family.

Virtual Session


60 minutes

50 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

Virtual Session


90 minutes

80 min. of Counselling + 10 min. Clinical Notes

In-Person Session


60 minutes

30 min. with Child + 20 min. with Parent(s) + 10 min. Clinical Notes

In-Person Session


90 minutes

45 min. with Child + 35 min. with Parent(s) + 10 min. Clinical Notes

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Why is it harder to parent my teenager than when they were young?

Teenagers are in a special developmental period, where they have different cognitive abilities and emotional coping skills than adults or young children. Teen counselling can be helpful for parents as it provides integral information about your child’s mental health development that isn’t provided by schools.

Parenting teenagers can be especially challenging as your child is working on differentiating themselves from their parents and their family as part of their healthy development of self. This differentiation of self is a healthy developmental stage where the teen begins to notice and challenge routines, habits, rules, and other norms. These push-backs or disagreements can lead to emotionally triggering arguments between siblings and parent-child relationships.

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Supportive Parenting for Teens

As a parent, you can play an integral role in your teen’s life by providing them access to teen counselling and by being a supportive parent through their counselling sessions. Teen counselling for your adolescent can be helpful in fostering important life skills that include:

How does teen counselling help parents?

Teen counselling encompasses a wide range of topics, which can be helpful in guiding them towards healthy development. For neurodivergent teens (such as subclinical ADHD, non-medicated ADHD, teen ADHD, or teen ASD), teen counselling can be very helpful in gaining skills that allow them to “get things done” by managing their time, paying attention, flexible thinking, making plans, staying organized, and recalling details. It can also be helpful in gaining the communication and emotional coping skills that allows them to foster healthy interpersonal relationships, including their relationship with you.

Teen counselling can be different from school counselling, which is more focused on your teen’s academic and emotional functioning at school. Here are a few important topics that we have had past successes with:

Family & Life Changes

Moods & Control

School, Friendships & Academic performance

Healthy Habits & Development

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